Most of the electrical injuries occur when young children insert metal objects, such as hair pins and keys, into the outlet, resulting in electric shock or burn injuries to the hand or finger.

  • Strap or anchor all furniture that is taller than it is wide - tables with unstable bases or on pedestals, bar stools, tall lamps and standing mirrors
  • Remove unstable furniture, large wall art, pedestal stands, plants/plant stands, lamps, etc. from the child's environment
  • Place TV's on stable TV stands (appropriate for the size of the TV) and not on tall dressers.
  • Using unstable furniture, with a shaky base.
  • Placing TV's, other AV equipment and other heavy objects on top of tablecloths or runners that a child may pull.
  • Putting incentives for climbing that may be on the top of a piece of furniture, such as toys, remote controls, videos or models.