Common Child Safety Hazards

The most common unintentional injury to children in the home is injury from a fall. Children living in apartment buildings are at a five times greater risk to falls from windows than those living in residences, but any window could pose a risk. Nearly half (40%) of the injuries from falls affect children under 4 years old, making this a critical age group for parents and caregivers to take extra precautions regarding supervision and preventative measures.

  • Install gates both at the top and at the bottom of the staircase.
  • Restrict access to outdoor balconies and railings with high door latches and locks on the doors leading to them.
  • Always use Safety straps when children are in highchairs, strollers, or wherever they are provided to help prevent falls.
  • Use Banister shield for Any railing with horizontal or decorative designs, vertical baluster spacing greater than 3” apart.
  • Use absorbent non-skid rugs should be used in bathrooms.
  • Use Floor cushions or playmats, for children learning to crawl or walk on marble/hard floors.
  • Use Sturdy step stools should be present for children to reach the sink safely.
  • Cushion Bath spouts and tub edges and sharp furniture corners,
  • Make children wear properly fitted helmets and appropriate padding when using tricycles, bicycles, scooters, skates, etc.
  • Keeping furniture or other structures (such as stool, chair, ladder etc.) near the railing of a balcony, window or staircase.
  • Leaving a baby unattended on any elevated surface, such as a bed or sofa.
  • Wet surfaces – wipe them immediately.
  • Avoid using Pressure mounted gates on the top of the stairs.
  • Baby Walkers are a leading cause of injury. It is safest to avoid using Baby walkers.