Scalds & burns

A child’s skin is thinner than an adult’s and burns more easily and more severely. The most common source of scald burns for young children are hot liquids and steam. Your house is full of common things that can burn your child. Here are some easy steps that can help prevent burn injuries:

  • Install Stove guards to prevent children from reaching hot burners when cooking.
  • Taste cooked food and heated liquids to make sure they’re not too hot. Try using temperature color utensils.
  • Latch Dishwashers and ovens to keep children from opening them when hot.
  • Check the water temperature before placing your child in the bathtub. Use a bath temperature thermometer to be sure.
  • Make the stove area a “KidFree Zone” (3 feet is a good distance). Mark it on the floor with bright tape.
  • Lower the setting on water heater thermostats. Install anti-scald devices in water faucets and shower heads
  • Cook with pots and pans on back burners and turn handles away from the front.
  • Holding children while cooking or while carrying hot foods or liquids.
  • Microwaving a baby’s bottle. Drinks heated in a microwave may be much hotter than their containers. Use a bottle warmer or warm water instead.
  • Using Placemats and table cloths. Children can pull hot beverages placed on them.
  • Placing hot foods or liquids near the counter or table’s edge.
  • Leaving your children alone in the kitchen.
  • Leaving hot appliances like curling irons and irons within a child’s reach.
  • Keeping heat producing appliances switched-on when not in use