Tip overs

Injury from tip-overs can occur when heavy objects fall on an individual- Any furniture that is taller without a wide base is likely to be tipped over. When the product falls on children, the injuries are typically crushing or compressing in nature.

  • Strap or anchor all furniture that is taller than it is wide - tables with unstable bases or on pedestals, bar stools, tall lamps and standing mirrors.
  • Remove unstable furniture, large wall art, pedestal stands, plants/plant stands, lamps, etc. from the child's environment
  • Place TV's on stable TV stands (appropriate for the size of the TV) and not on tall dressers.
  • Using unstable furniture, with a shaky base
  • Placing TV's, other AV equipment and other heavy objects on top of tablecloths or runners that a child may pull.
  • Putting incentives for climbing that may be on the top of a piece of furniture, such as toys, remote controls, videos or models