Reer Security Lock for Balcony Doors and Windows Child safety White

Features: • Protects children from life-threatening falls • Easy installation...Read more
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• Protects children from life-threatening falls
• Easy installation and residue-free removal
• No drilling, screwing or gluing
• Easy for adults to open and close
• Contents: 1 pc

In Germany, almost 50 children fall from windows or balconies every year and suffer serious or fatal injuries. Often just a few moments are enough: the horn of a car, chirping birds, or the sound of children playing directs the child's attention outside. If little ones are then left unobserved for a short moment, they climb onto the windowsill, open the window, and in the worst case lose their balance. The affected children are usually between 1 and 3 years old. With the new reer "WinLock" window safety device, children don't even run the risk of opening a window on their own. It is neither screwed nor glued, but fixed between handle and frame in a few simple steps.

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